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Heritage Days Seminar and London

I went up to London for a Heritage Open Days event where we shared experiences of organising Heritage Days. We attended some seminars. The key message in 2015 is to try something new.

The event was held at the Freemasons Hall. The Hall was built as a memorial to the 3,225 Freemasons who died on active service in World War I. This figure is a detail from the war memorial.

Being in London, I also looked in at the British Museum,

and wandered nearby streets including the area round Tottenham Court Road underground, which is being redeveloped to make a cross-rail terminal.

Then it was home via Marble Arch.


We went to the Final Year Fine Art Degree Show.
Some people managed to create something aesthetically pleasing after their three years in the maelstrom of creativity that is a Fine Art degree.
There were works that could have fitted on the wall back home.
Others pieces were more basic.
Many parts of this particular installation were replaced with A4 sheets “Censored by Goldsmith’s College.” Its a long story. An affair between a tutor and a student graphically shown and then removed at the last minute. There are limits.
For Art Students, it is a matter of finding them.

Missed the fireworks

We should have gone direct to the viewing area, and not looked at the other sites.
crystal shops like this…
, party shops…
, lights
,more lights…

In the end when we did get to a tube station, an announcement kept repeating ‘The viewing area for the fireworks is full. There will be no more admissions.’

We drove back to home just in time to hear Auld Lang Syne being sung in East Saint Helen’s Street. Happy 2009!

Brixton railway Bridge

This bridge at Brixton always used to give me the feeling that I was entering London proper when coming from the South on the A23. To me it was the gateway to the capital. London seems to have grown, and even Purley and Croydon a few miles south with their red zones and London Corporation crests feel more like part of the capital now.

Not There…

They had released him from the hospital. But to where? At Paddington Station The Great Western Staff Band played for the people waiting for trains. But he wasn’t there…

Huge crowds near the embankment celebrated TFI Friday. But he wasn’t there.

He was not there near Nelson Mandela beside Festival Hall …