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Ulverston – St George Day Pageant 2011

We are up in Ulverston in Cumbria for Easter and saw St George come into town.

A young damsel watching from a balcony was kidnapped and tied up by an evil baron.

All this happened while a jester was entertaining the crowds.

A few jokes later and two damsels were kidnapped. St George arrived to deal with the dragon.

and the evil baron got caught with his pants down. Audience participation was taken a little too far on this occasion

South Lakes Wild Animal Park

It is quite a few years since we last visited this animal park. We used to go when our children were young, but today we went without the children who have grown up. Entrance fee was £11.50 each, and £1.50 of that went to a charity for Samatran Tigers. It was a lovely sunny Easter Sunday. The following are probably my best pictures ….


African Lion.

The emperor tamarin from South America – thought to have been named after Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany due to their distinctive long, white, drooping moustache.

Not Finding The Egg

The Beatrix Potter museum have put some eggs round the Lakes. You must understand the cryptic clue to find the location, then find the egg and claim a prize. One clue pointed to Conishead Priory, near Ulverston, so we looked round the grounds for a couple of hours but did not find the egg…
I looked in a tunnel under the road near the overflow carpark.
down near the shore line at Morcambe Bay…
along many tree lines pathways.

Afterwards I went to the buddhist temple at the priory, took off my shoes and walked on their soft new carpet looking at the golden Buddhas and the votive offering which even included packets of crisps, fizzy drink bottles, and penguin bars. Things have moved on since a previous visit where people left mostly candles, fruit, and flowers.

We heard that somebody else did find the egg today as it was marked as found on the internet. I’d love to know where.

Town Girl in Country

Not everybody came properly dressed for the Millom & Broughton Country Show in Cumbria
Nethertheless you don’t need to be a country person to recognise prize winning vegetables…
or be able to spot prize winning poultry
But it does help to have a basic understanding of country ways to get between them.

Grange Over Sands

This view is from Grange Railway Station over what was the Grange Sands. It is far less sandy having been overgrown by an invasive plant since the last time we were there about ten years ago. After taking this picture I was told by the station master that photography in the station was no longer allowed because it is an infringement of copyright. So that too has changed since ten years ago.
Our main reason for going was not to see the station but to view all the art and craft displays along the promenade.
This lady is creating flowers from willow sticks which are then mounted on hazel.

Friends Meeting House

The Friends Meeting House in Ulverston has just been reroofed and the Friends (Quakers) will return their next week. It should now be good for another 75 years.
While work was underway the Friends met at Swarthmoor Hall nearby. We joined them for an hour of peaceful meditation in the wood panelled front room where Judge Fell and his wife Margaret gave sanctuary to George Fox – the founder of the Quaker movement – back in 1652.

The Old Man of Coniston

The view from near the summit of the Old Man, looking down the zig-zag path to Green Banked Tarn.

We took the back route up to the summit past Dow Crag,

Goats Water, and up Goats Hause.

Then we descended along the zig zag trail shown on the first picture, which took us through piles of discarded slate – from the old Coniston slate mines.