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We parked the car in the village of Zennor. The car park honesty box asked for £1 which we paid happily. We then walked past the Tinners Arms and the Church of St Senara along a path to the coastal path.

On reaching the coastal path we could have gone towards Lands End or towards St Ives, and I said out loud ‘Which way now?’.

A young man said ‘Go that way. The views are amazing.’

So we went that way. The views were amazing all the way to St Ives 6 miles away to the east. We didn’t want to walk all that way and turned back to try the unknown way.

The path followed a high contour on the sloping hills. The path then descended by steps to a wooden bridge over a stream then climbed back up again to the high contour path.

At one point I noticed a smaller path leading downwards through bracken. I hoped it would go down to the sandy bay we could see below.

Judith did not like the idea as much but humoured me. The path got boggy, then steep, and stung her.

It finally took us down, over boulders, to the sandy bay.

What a beach! I paddled. I clambered over rocks and gazed at rock pools. I swam in the sea. Apart from something stinging my big toe the swim was wonderful.

Judith did not enjoy the climb back. Afterwards she said it was the worst part of the holiday. The views had been among the best. Her favourite place was Tate St Ives.