Lulu makes Douggie want to ‘Shout’

Douggie had been in such a happy dream
and then he awoke.
The happiness lasted seconds
and then a cold sweat began.
How could he have forgotten
even in a dream?
Lu’s speech had been so final.

Douggie worked on a letter
to convince Lu she was wrong.
The wastepaper basket filled,
until he wrote the letter that said it all,
simply ‘I Love You’.
Thinking Lu might not open the letter
with the usual Buchan postmark,

he stopped in a village
on a B road near Banff.
Parked his car, a Beetle.
A lady came out from a stone cottage
stood in front of the post-box
with her long grey hair and homespun kilt,
‘You sure you want to post that here?’

He said, ‘Aye!’
‘Are you sure?’
He said, ‘Aye! Aye! Aye!’
He pushed the letter in the post-box,
held it in the mouth and let go
and did not read the words ‘not in use’.
He thought Lu had chosen not to write back.

Douggie now drives a Honda Jazz
and has a little weep
near that village off a B road near Banff.
He watched Lulu on Top of the Pops;
on her own Saturday night show;
she still looks a Braw lass in 2020
on Jules Holland’s hootenanny.

He understands it all now –
why she had to leave him.
He did not want to share
Lu with the world.
But still, it makes him want to ‘Shout’
‘Yeah’, ‘Shout’
‘Yeah’, ‘Shout, Shout, Shout’.

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