Cowley Road Carnival

The Cowley Road was closed today (Sunday 5th July 2015) for the Cowley Road Carnival.  There was a lot of loud vibrant music, some outside concert venues and pubs, some outside more makeshift venues, and some from sound systems on people’s front steps. There was also a lot of food outlets, and other entertainments.
The theme of the parade was ‘Creating our Future’. Oxford Brookes University is celebrating a 150th anniversary.

The groups in the procession, included many school children.

 There were wild and wonderful costumes.

So colourful! So much hard work went into the costumes!
Dance and music groups were in the procession including Horns of Plenty, with their Street Jazz. They were at Alice’s Day in Oxford yesterday, and back at the Cowley Road Carnival,
It was a wonderful colourful parade, lots of fun, although some had a more serious message for the future ….

Time is running out.

I know it is for me. Can it really be 33 years ago that I lived off the Cowley Road, not far from the Divinity News Agents (long since disappeared). But Tesco is still there, as a Tesco Metro.

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