Not Finding The Egg

The Beatrix Potter museum have put some eggs round the Lakes. You must understand the cryptic clue to find the location, then find the egg and claim a prize. One clue pointed to Conishead Priory, near Ulverston, so we looked round the grounds for a couple of hours but did not find the egg…
I looked in a tunnel under the road near the overflow carpark.
down near the shore line at Morcambe Bay…
along many tree lines pathways.

Afterwards I went to the buddhist temple at the priory, took off my shoes and walked on their soft new carpet looking at the golden Buddhas and the votive offering which even included packets of crisps, fizzy drink bottles, and penguin bars. Things have moved on since a previous visit where people left mostly candles, fruit, and flowers.

We heard that somebody else did find the egg today as it was marked as found on the internet. I’d love to know where.

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