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Dunster Dovecote

A perforated card from a postcard book.

The stamp has been taken so there is no date.

The message in the space for communication is “I am having the most wonderful holiday and Ernie is behaving very well.”


I used to fly to Germany a lot and this is a very typical view from the aeroplane window coming in to land. It shows the village of Entbach- possibly in the 1960s. Entbach is now part of larger grouping although not much changed. Various villages have been amalgamated since 1971 and now go under the name of Bad Entbach.

Shady Lane II

The second postcard I have used of Shady Lane in Evington, Leicester. The Postcard is posted in 1917 and has a Halfpenny stamp.

It is To Dear Ethel, and is ‘With Best Love and Kisses Yours For Ever Willie’

Can Can

This may not be that risqué in terms of today’s internet, and what is available, but it is as risqué as I am likely to get. This Can Can dancer began as one in a watercolor series from the early 30’s signed by Alice Huertas. They became postcards in the 1950s or 60s – reproduced on thin card.

Bryan de Grineau

I have six postcard paintings by Bryan de Grineau and they all show aeroplanes speeding towards the viewer and past.

I looked on the internet and found other pictures by Bryan de Grineau – Grand Prix cars and speeding steam trains.

His pictures always show great movement.

Furze lane, Purley

This postcard is of Furze Lane Purley at the turn of the last century and shows a newly established street. It is very leafy now with houses disguised by trees.

P.S after showing this postcard somebody asked whether they could buy it as a gift to some friends living at Furze Lane, and I sent it free of charge. I received this card in an album from the Morgans. Freely you have received. Freely Give.

Adjacent to the famous Calvary Baptist Church

There are quite a lot of postcards like this in my collection – picked up by people at hotels along with the free bars of soap and sachets of sugar.

The postcard says “One of the most convenient and dignified addresses in N.Y.C. Within walking distance of the Fifth Ave. Shops, Radio City, Times Square, Museums, The Coliseum, Lincoln Center, Central Park, and adjacent to the famous Calvary Baptist Church.”

So, that places it better. My dad visited the huge Calvary Baptist Church in 1969.

Bridge of Allan

This postcard shows a small bridge in a Scottish Glen with an Edwardian Lady stitching what looks like needlework. Near the time of this picture, I read in the Stirling and Bridge of Allan Reporter “Three Bridge of Allan boys, whose ages ranged between nine and ten years, appeared before Sheriff Mitchell at a Juvenile Court held in the County Buildings, Stirling, on Friday, charged with stealing gooseberries from the garden of Glenlea House, Bridge of Allan, on
Saturday, 1st July. Two of the lads admitted having committed the offence and their parents were fined 5s each.”