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Do you know where we went on holiday?

We have been away on holiday and it felt like a home away from home with a road called Back Street, and a shop called Mostly Books.

People spoke English with a standard accent, but a lot of the road signs and business names were in what looked like French. They turned out to be a dialect of Norman (like William the Conqueror), that very few people spoke anymore.

With our morning cup of tea we could eat Gâche (pronounced “Gosh”), a bread made with fruit.

A lot of people sold surplus produce they had grown or things they had made from a box by their front gate. Money was put into an honesty box.

Post boxes and telephone boxes were a lot like ours in the UK but a different colour: post boxes were blue and telephone boxes yellow.

This place was occupied by the Germans during World War II for five years.

Until recently a lot of tomatoes were grown here but the local small holders could not compete with Dutch tomatoes and so the many green houses that were common place have decayed and been knocked down. Some remain and grow tomatoes for local consumption or produce early flowers or are about to fall down. The place also has cows that produce rich milk that gets used on the island. It also used to be exported but not so much anymore.

Do you know where we went on holiday?