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On a hillside above a town

On a grassy hillside, a young lady smiles at the camera. She is relaxed and enjoying the moment with whoever is this side of the camera. It is a good photograph and has been turned into a postcard with number 12103. Her hand in the cardigan pocket seems a typical pose given the way the pockets and cardigan has stretched.  Behind is a town and beyond that the countryside looks very English with trees and hedges and fields vanishing towards a distant haze.

Flood in South Nutfield

I remember the thunderstorms and heavy rain and how Mid Street became like a mighty river rushing near our house.  The flood swept down the road and over the pavements and was very impressive to me at the age of eleven. We had recently moved from Leicester and if this was anything to go by then South Nutfield was going to be an exciting place to live.

This postcard features another young lad at the junction of Mid Street and the Avenue during the same flood. The bridge over Nutfield Brook is overflowing behind him. Wikipedia has more on The Great Flood. (All Rights reserved to Pamlin Prints)

HFT Milton Heights needs pedestrian crossing on busy road

In Issue 3 (Nov/Dec 2003) of People and the Park – The Magazine for Milton Park and Our Neighbours – there is an article on the need for a road crossing at Milton Heights.

Residents and daily users of HFT (Home Farm Trust) at Milton Heights, which caters for 50 adults with learning difficulties, found the busy road a nightmare. It was the only way to get to the bus stop, and the stop itself was next to a grass verge with no pavement.

One person at Milton Heights was knocked down by a car, and as a result others are now having to go by car, and so had lost the independence of being able to take the bus. One of the people supported at the centre organised a petition to ask Oxfordshire County Council to install a pedestrian crossing.

Milton Park business park report that they are supporters of HFT and say they are deeply upset by the situation and are backing HFT’s cause. Thank you to them for the picture. All Rights Reserved.