Saving Merry Sue

The owner jumped in to wrestle Merry Sue –
a cabin cruiser moored by Nags Head Island.
Muddy waters poured into her stern. Friends helped
but all too late to stop her tipping sideways.
They wound ropes round trees to hold her fast –
and stop her sinking deeper or drifting to her end.

The owner re-adjusted ropes until the river slowed.
The friends came back, and helped right a soggy Sue.

When the police arrived Sue was being held fast
to stop her jumping in the deep, cold river water.
Sue, a widow, was charged with being disorderly and drunk
after trying to throw herself in at Nags Head Island.
In the police cell, Merry Sue would not compromise,
Why did you stop me? she cried I want to die

Later she was sorry, bad days had grown the hurt inside
but she had a job and would try to live again.

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